Vine stuffed leaves


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Dolmades (dolma singular, dolmades plural) are a legacy of the Greeks who fled the Ottoman Empire, the Micrasiates, during the great disaster early last century. The word dolma comes from the Turkish verb "doldurmak" meaning stuffing. In parts of Greece, we can find the name of Sarma(sarmades) from another Turkish verb "sarmak" meaning rolling. Whether we speak of Dolmades or Sarmades, they are generally prepared with vine leaves; we speak of Lahanodolmades for cabbage rolls, and Maroulodolmades for stuffed lettuce leaves. Yalantzi dolmades (fake in Turkish) are prepared without meat, and generally served during the period of Lent.

This dish is served cold as a starter, drizzled with olive oil and lemon, or with Greek yogurt. In resistance dish, serve them hot, drizzled with an avgolemono sauce (egg-lemon).

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